Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Innocence of Christmas

Having two children aged two and three and being a big child myself, I am really loving the return of Santa and all the lovely and magical things that go with it i.e. Jingle Bells being sang out of key a thousand times a day, Santa Claus the Movie, the squeal of delight from the children whenever they see a man with a white beard and I must admit,much to my astonishment, sobriety and lack of a Sunday morning hangover is quiet enjoyable!

I am in a way using my children to relive my own childhood, but I like to look upon it as the perks of the job! I'm the one dragging them to the decoration counter in the local supermarket the day after Halloween, o.k. Santa Claus at the age of 6 months was quite scary but after attaching ten Santa teddies to her cot, she soon came round to the idea!

I know the world has changed in many ways and Christmases now are different to those of the past, but after bringing my children to see Santa in his 'grotto'/shopping centre I wasn't so sure. When Santa asked with his 18 year old Irish accent what she would like for Christmas, she replied, much to my surprise and embarrassment "A yoyo please Santa". Santa then looked at me and my husband with pity and handed her two presents instead of one. Thinking about this on the way home afterwards, I thought about the innocence of it all and how long it would last? Was it us as parents turning our children into spoilt little rascals by bombarding them with toys that they will have no mass on after Christmas dinner just so that we can feel all magical and Christmassy? Maybe, I don't really know. I hope I can say that I will spend in moderation, being a recession I don't have a choice. But one thing I have realised is that it isn't about the toys or the Santa's, it's all about the innocence of children and how they light up our Christmas and our lives, I think they could teach us a thing or two, it's just a matter of sitting back and being in the moment I guess. Then again, am I the naive one in all this, my three year old asked me a question today that could also lead me to thinking she isn't that innocent after all.... "Mummy, because we have two chimney's will we be getting two Santa's?" I rest my case.


  1. Very good.Love the yoyo bit.Kids would crack you up.Looking forward to the next blog.

  2. A yoyo. Enjoy that while it last!!! My big kids just want $ or really expensive things. I love buying stuff for the 2-year-old. He's sooo easy.