Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mumtalk presents.......Mummy Moments!!

Thank God for Mummy Moments!! I know I am lucky to be able to spend so much time with my lovelies but after having children you have to give up that selfish part of yourself (oh how I miss her sometimes!) and though I dread admitting it, lose yourself a bit! Time plays a big factor of course, just getting the time to go out and do all those lovely things that used to be done before and were all taken for granted, like spontaneous pubbing, clubbing, lunching, napping and just being able to do absolutely nothing.   Now I realise that this type of life can be quite shallow if lived day in day out, but every now and again would be nice, wouldn't it ?

So over the last year, I realised that there wasn't a balance in my life. O.K. to be honest I don't miss the pubs and clubs or the spontaneous lunches out with hubby or friends that much, but I was still 'missing' something in my life, I was missing part of the 'real' me.   Trying not to be too selfish, I realised that this void in my life wasn't only affecting me but my family too as they weren't getting me as a whole, only half the package, half the happiness, so I decided to do something about it and here I am.

Six years of marriage and two children later I did so many 'me' things this year that were fulfilling in so many ways.   I started a Yoga Teacher Training Course, which I will admit is so intense and I never realised how difficult it really is but yet, it has given me so many tools for daily living and I truly believe has made me into a better person. I signed up to pottery nightclasses and loved every minute of it.  Yes, I was total crap at it and everything I made ended up looking like a deformed part of a mans body, but it was something I really wanted to do and it made me so happy.   Doing these things, made me remember who I really was and what I am interested in.   I am a mother and count my blessing every day but I strongly believe holding onto the person you are inside, or finding her again, not only makes you happy but also makes all those who love to see you smiling, happy too.

So, whether it's a bar of your favourite chocolate, been eaten in the wardrobe trying to get a Mummy Moment, lets not forget, we all deserve happiness and deserve to be ourselves!

Here is to lots of Mummy Moments for 2010!!!

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  1. Lovely post Mumtalk... I could sing that song too.... It is so important to constantly work at remembering who you are when you are a stay at home mom. And it is so easy to forget. Thanks for a great post. I have added you to my blogroll over at Seeking Serenity!!