Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Trials and Tribulations of Motherhood

Now don't get me wrong, I love my children and am eternally grateful for them but I'm not going to deny the fact that it is so bloody hard. After having my first daughter I was still able to get to town to mingle with the homies, but my world was turned upside down. When people asked me how everything was I would be brutally honest and instead of answering them with a big smile and a "Fabulous, it is like she has always been here" I would look at them with my big bloodshot eyes and say with fatigued breath "It is so hard, I just need to sleep". People loved meeting me, it made the 40 year old childless woman feel so much better and it also gave the average mother (who wasn't coping but not admitting it) satisfaction that she wasn't on her own and probably doing a better job than me anyhow.
Then along came number two...SMACK, POW, BANG....as batman might say!! What a shock to the system, o.k. there was only seventeen months between them but if I thought having one was hard having two was like having twenty. People used to say 'If your having one you might as well have more, it's all the same' Why, oh why, did I think they were truthful, at thirty I thought I wasn't as naive as I was at 20 but I think I am actually worse. With two under two, there was no mingling in town or chatting about how hard it all was on street corners, there was just, well, home. It was like a military operation if I tried to move outside the house so why bother. Now on number three I am ready for the hardship, after not being out with two years I just listen to that little voice in my head, and yes I will admit,I have answered it back on occasion, but at least it is honest and doesn't lie......what else does a woman want (that it can't be married to I suppose!)


  1. Welcome to blogging! Looking forward to reading more about you and your family:)

  2. Hi Mumtalk, loved the blog, found it very humorous. Been there, great to see the funny side. Keep up the good work.