Monday, January 11, 2010

Cabin Fever!!!

Oh Lordie Me!!! I officially need help......cabin fever has set in. Now I don't know if it is an annual thing with me, maybe I suffer with S.A.D.- note to self- Must get one of those sunlamp thingies!   But we are stranded in our house, food is running out, kids gone wild and hubby not in the best of form (actually like a angry bear) because he has to repair pipes all over the place. I lived in hope yesterday that schools would re-open and I could get to the shops, but no, another day of cabin fever.

So, since I am 5 months pregnant. So I decided to sort out the pink clothes from blue clothes and dump the yellows as it is our last and we have a girl and a boy already! What a disaster. I never found the courage to dump all the lovely baby clothes as they were done with, so I literally had 30 big bin liners full of bibs, bally jumpers and vomit stained dressses all thrown in one room.   O.k. maybe I am a bit of a hoarder too, lesson learned!

Then I decided to go shopping online!! Ouch! I had a chat to myself beforehand and decided that I had enough clothes for the little one already so all I really needed was reusable nappies (am I mad!) and a nappy bag.   2 hours later and 1500 euro in debt I finished.  All I ordered was clothes, no nappies, no bag and a battered credit card.  It will be a quiet year for me ....again!

Now, as part of my New Year Resolutions for 2010 I decided to be alot more positive, so when I saw rain instead of snow this morning, dare I say lifted my day! Snow is thawing and we might be able to eat more than frozen pizza tomorrow, we live in hope!

So, I think we are coming to the end to the Big Freeze, will it be missed, definately not. Skiing holidays don't seem as exciting anymore and we can once more look forward to the basic and simple things in life.   Like food and sanity!


  1. I know how you feel. I made him drive all the way to the supermarket the other day and he wasn't too impressed! Stocked up on everything though and I don't think I need to go out for another 2 weeks at least!! Last item on the list, schools to reopen, fingers crossed it will be tomorrow!!!

  2. Enjoyed the post! It made me smile as I remembered those days of insanity. Hope a trip to the shops is on your horizon!

  3. cant beat online shopping :) think about it soon you will have 3 children and never be able to go to the shops again so really by spending money whilst preegnant you are in fact SAVING (trust me there is a logic in there somewhere :)

  4. Hi Mumtalk, found you through the IMB. Oh yes, I am glad of the thaw but my credit card woulnd't stand up to the battering of online shopping so I read blogs instead. I have a 'cyberlife', if not a real one, for the last two weeks:) I have an 11 month old and will be getting rid of her clothes, but probably to the attic for now, but I know I will have to sort them at some point. I don't envy you that job:) Jen