Friday, January 15, 2010

Favourite photos meme!

A big thank you to FoodieMummy for this meme!  It is a very hard task as I just LOVE taking photos.   I started a photography course a few months ago, only to discover that my finals would be on when I would be on my back in the labour room in May! But my time will come again (even if it is 10 years time). So I settled for a really snazzy camera for my Christmas present. Now I haven't grasped the whole aperture thing and everything that goes with it, but some day I will read 'Photography for Dummies' and become a bit more capable of taking photos.
But for now I am left with a zillion photos of my children and trees (don't ask me why.....tree hugger in my previous life maybe!) so my favourite (apart from my kids) is this lovely whale we saw doing tricks in France last year on holidays. What you can't see is my two childrens faces as they saw the show....priceless! Sometimes a photo can tell so many stories even if they are moments of joy behind the lens! I would like to nominate the following five for this meme

1.Anke Morgenroth
2.Fashionable Mama
3.Dublin Mama
4.Imen McDonnell
5.Sian Maloney


  1. Great photo! Funny that, how a photo can bring a day back to you like it was only yesterday.

  2. Great photo, sounds like you have great memories from that trip. I've tagged you over on mine for Top 10 Favourite Things Meme x