Thursday, February 4, 2010

Overactive Mummy Problem!!

What a busy few weeks I've had!!   I barely had time to brush my teeth.   My overactive thyroid was overacting again.   If only I could relax.   When the doctor told me I had an overactive thyroid but wouldnt need medication unless it was disrupting my life I said, "No, I don't need any meds, I'm fine thanks" but boy was I wrong.   Having two toddlers, pregnant with number 3 and holding down a job is quiet eventfull in itself but I still have to do more and just can't stand doing nothing for a minute.  So I have taken on 2 courses which take up alot of my time, weekends, study etc.   Am I gone totally mad?? I used to believe it was just the type of person I was and at one stage put it down to creativity and saw it as a positive thing but I think it is time to rethink and cop on!!

So after the baby arrives I have decided to do more about it and deal with this overactive thyroid problem.   So maybe then I will be able to sit down and watch telly for more than five minutes or master the act of meditation. But for now, it is me and my toe tapping, finger snapping's funny how I'm still too tired to get all that housework done though!!


  1. Poor you. I hope you can manage to get some rest. I'm afraid I am too tired to get all the housework done too, but that's only because I hate it. X

  2. Absolute exhaustion is one of the major problems with either over or underactive thyroid, mine is underactive. Getting it treated will make a huge difference, for the better:) Jen.